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By: G. Tukash, M.B.A., M.D.

Program Director, University of Michigan Medical School

Literature validates that factors such as poor working conditions blood pressure simulator order valsartan 160mg, staff shortages blood pressure quizlet order 160mg valsartan with amex, below competitive salaries blood pressure medication depression side effects buy cheap valsartan 160 mg online, a lack of promotional opportunities are some of the major factors contributing to employee dissatisfaction within the sector (Ellickson & Logsdon, 2002; Herman, 2005; Ting, 1997). Health care is defined as a `multitude of services rendered to individuals, families, and community by agents of the health services or professions for the purpose of promoting, maintaining, monitoring, and restoring health (Last, 1988). Job satisfaction is a frequent studies subject in work and organizational literature. More over job satisfaction is considered a strong predictor of overall individual well being (Diaz-Serrano, Jose, Cabral, 2005) as well as a good predictor of insertion or decision of employees to leave a job (Gazioglu, Tansel, 2004). It affects the quality of service and organizational commitment (Yoder, 1995) and may be associated with staff shortages (Shader et al. In the health care sector, only few organizations have made job satisfaction survey as a top priority. Organizations have significant effect on the people who work for them and some of the effects are reflected in how people feel about their work. These make job satisfaction an issue of substantial importance for both employers and employees, as they are more like to profit from lower staff turnover and higher productivity if their employees express a high level of job satisfaction. Perhaps this is because; they have failed to understand the significant opportunity that lies in front of them. Recent studies have shown a direct correlation between staff satisfaction an and patient satisfaction (Van de Looji, Benders, 1995). The premise of this research is focused on ascertaining how variables such as the work environment, pay, supervision, co-workers and promotion impacts on job satisfaction of civil servants at an institution residing under the Department of Health. According to Luthans (1989), high or low employee turnover rates, absenteeism and grievances lodged are factors that indicate whether job satisfaction or job dissatisfaction exists within organizations. Previously highlights some of the major problems experienced within the Department being: Employee turnover rates; Major reasons why employees are leaving the department; Costs incurred due to sick leave taken; Types of misconduct addressed at disciplinary hearings and Grievances and disputes lodged. Methods for indirectly measuring job satisfaction include observing employees, interviewing them and asking them to complete a questionnaire. Many organizations and researchers favour questionnaires because personal observations interviews are very time consuming (Gazioglu, Tansel, 2004). Job satisfaction can be measured using either single-item, general or facet measures. According to Herzberg (1959) cited in Ruthankoon and Ogunlana (2002), the hygiene factors also known as extrinsic factors are the Job dissatisfaction Influenced by hygiene factors parts of the jobs which create dissatisfaction but, if not present, only return the worker to a neutral point of job satisfaction. These job factors include supervision, interpersonal relations, benefits, job security, salary and working conditions. Herzberg states that hygiene issues cannot motivate employees but can minimize dissatisfaction and serve as a point of departure for motivation. On the other hand, satisfying motivator needs which are related to job tasks, job content and intrinsic aspects of the job can lead to job satisfaction, but the absence thereof cannot lead to job dissatisfaction (Robbins, 2003). The results of the studies reflected that the opposite of satisfaction is no satisfaction (motivators) and the opposite of dissatisfaction is no dissatisfaction (hygiene factors). Schermerhorn suggests that managers should attempt to always eliminate poor hygiene sources of job dissatisfaction in the workplace and ensure building satisfier factors into job content to maximise opportunities for job satisfaction. In this theory authors stated that job factors could be classified according to whether the factors contribute primarily to satisfaction or to dissatisfaction. Two aspect of the theory are unique and account for the attention it has received. Firstly two-factor theory says that satisfaction and dissatisfaction do not exist on a continuum running from satisfaction through natural to dissatisfaction. Also, when printed copies of programme policies-and procedures manual easily accessible among all members of the staff and they will be more satisfied. It states that it is important to have a written manual and if you do not have a written manual, create one, soliciting staff input along the way. In situations where workers did not feel supported by their supervisions, other potentially negative working conditions became more significant (Samantrai 2002) On thwe other hand, supervisory support was found to be a critical factor in mediating the stress and frustrations of their job and motivating caseworkers stay. Formulation of Research Objectives and Research Questions a) Main Objective To explore the level of job satisfaction in relation to hygienic and motivation factors and its correlates among Public Health Officers. To make recommendations to improve the job satisfaction among Public Health Officers. Research Approach: the Deductive approach used considering the availability of time through existing theories. Time Horizon: Due to time constraints, the cross sectional time horizon would be used during September 2017 to October 2017 period.

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Synthesis of benzene 4-nitro[(chloro acetyl) amino] A mixture of 4-nitro aniline (1 gm arteria zigomatico orbital order valsartan from india, 10 mmol) and chloro acetyl chloride (10 mmol) in dimethyl formamide(20ml) blood pressure chart in excel buy valsartan 160mg without prescription,andanhydrouspotassiumcarbonate hypertension treatment guidelines 2014 cheap valsartan 40mg with visa, was refluxed for 5-8 hrs. The product was poured in ice water (200ml); the solid mass was filtered and recrystallizedfromethanol. Synthesis of 4[(2-amino-1,3 thiazole-4-yl) amino] nitro benzene(2) 26 4-nitro[(chloro acetyl) amino] benzene(0. Blank:usethesamestepinTestexcepttheaddition of benzylamine which added after water bath shaking. Synthesis of 4-nitro[(hydrazinyl-1,3-thiazol-4-yl) amino]benzene(6) In ethanol (30 ml), a mixture of compound (1) (0. General procedure for synthesis of N-(4nitro[(1,3-thiazol-4-yl) amino] phenyl-N- (1-phenylethylidene) hydrazines(7a-c) 28 Synthesis of 4-nitro phenyl thiourea(9) 29 Synthesis of 2-[(4-nitro phenyl)amino]-(3,5 H)1,3-thiazol-4-one(10) 30 Synthesis of chalcones. In conclusion,2-azido1,3-thiazol (4) was synthesized by diazotization of 2-amino 1,3-thiazol derivative (2) and subsequent treatmentwithsodiumazide. Thismethodcanbeagood synthetic route to new (1,3- thiazol -4-yl)1H-1,2,3triazolederivative(5). The results observed that the percentage of inhibition increase with compound concentration increase,compound 8b has higher percentage of inhibition 88. Antibacterial activity of thiazole derivatives represented by% inhabitation against different bacterial species. Coil 2 5 6 7a 7b 7c 8a 8b 8c 11a 11b 12a 12b Amoixillin 21 20 12 14 11 19 14 12 9 22 p. Synthesis of compounds 1-8c Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, January 2019, Vol. The results showed that all compounds cause competitive inhibition with enzyme except (2,7b,10,11a,12b) cause uncompetitive inhibition and (6,8a,8c)causedmixedinhibition. Ethical Clearance: Allexperimentalprotocolswere approved under the Department of Chemistry, College ofScience,UniversityofMustansiriyah,Baghdad,Iraq andallexperimentswerecarriedoutinaccordancewith approvedguidelines. Sybthesis, Antiarrhy tmic and anti Co agulamt activities of novelthiazoloderivativesFrommethyl2-(thiazol -2-yl Carbamoyl) acetate. Aoyama T, Murata S, Arai I, Araki N, Takido T, SuzukiY,KodomariTatrehedron2006;62:3201. ReversibleCarnitinePalmitoyltransferaseinhibitors with broad chemical biversity as potential anti diabetic agents. Synthesis of som 2-[(benzole -2- yl) thioacetyl amino] thiazole derivatives and their antimicrobailactivityandtoxicity­Eur. Anew and efficient Preparation of 2-amino thiazole - 5 -carbamides: applications to the synthesis anti -cancerdurgdasatinib. Synthesis, characterization and plant growth regulator activityofsomesubstituted2-aminobenzothiazole derivatives. The scientific approach to solving many of the problems of teacher training is to identify training requirements, Which makes the training is benefit to the teacher, the identification of training requirements of the teacher through which to answer five important questionsare:Whereisthetrainingplace? The twenty-first century teachers face many responsibilities, challenges and problems concerning withnewgenerations,theNationalSchoolforTeachingin theUnitedStatesofAmericareportedthatthechallenges inschoolsrequireteacherstopreparebetterthanbefore, thisisconfirmedbytheemergenceofmanyinternational and local calls for care and preparation of the teacher, Aswellasnumerousresearchandeducationalstudies, Andhowtopreparethemforconstructiveparticipation incommunity 3. Equation of the Two Research Groups: the researcher made the equivalence before applying the experience in some variables that may affect in the resultsoftheresearch(theagebymonths,intelligence, pre-testofprofessionalcompetencies)dependingonthe proceduresofstatisticalmethod. The Extraneous Variables Control Althoughtheresearchercheckedtheequivalenceof thetwogroupsoftheresearchinsomevariablesthatare believedtoaffectintheprocessoftheexperience,but triedtominimizetheeffectofsomevariablesextraneous, thesearesomeofvariablesandhowtocontrolthem: 1-Accidents: the members of the sample were not exposed to anyaccidentaffectingthedependentvariablebesidesthe effectoftheexperimentalvariableimpact. Research Community the research community included Colleges of Education for Purity Sciences at the universities of the Middle Euphrates in Iraq, where Mathematics Departmentsareavailable. Research Sample the researcher chose (the Department of Mathematics-CollegeofEducationforPureSciences- UniversityofKarbala)deliberatelytomakehisresearch, beingtheresearcheroneoftheteachersofthiscollege, knowing that the College contains the Department of Mathematicsandthefourthgradeoftheacademicyear (2017-2018),whichconsistsoftwosections(A&B), section (A) was selected to represent the experimental group,whilesection(B)tobethecontrolgroupwhich studiedaccordingtothetraditionalmethod,thenumber ofstudentsintheexperimentalgroupwas(56)students, 1028 Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, January 2019, Vol. The scientific curriculum included the studyoftheprofessionalcompetenciesthatrequiredby thestudents,andwhichhavepreparedbyTheresearcher insmallbrochurefor thetworesearchsamples,which was presented to a group of arbitrators and specialists inteachingmethodstobenefitfromtheiropinionsand theirsuggestions. Research Instrument the steps to form the research instrument are prepared (the achievement test tor professional competences)arepresentedinthefollowing: Determining the Purpose of the Achievement Test Thepurposeoftheachievementtestofprofessional competenciesistomeasuretheachievementofstudents in the fourth stage (information and experience) on professionalcompetencies. Determining the Aims of the Test the aims of the test determined to recognize the achievementandtheresearcherformulatedanumberof behavioralaims. Determination of the test items Theresearcherdeterminedthenumberofitemsthat constitutethetestachievement,asthenumberofitems ofthetest(40items).

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Uterine inversion is most remarkable for the development of shock out of proportion to the amount of blood lost heart attack demi lovato order genuine valsartan online. They often occur in association with other complications of pregnancy such as abruptio placentae pulse pressure definition medical purchase valsartan online pills, retained dead fetus blood pressure wrist cuff order valsartan 40mg mastercard, and amniotic fluid embolism. In addition, preexisting chronic coagulation disorders are significant contributors to postpartum hemorrhage. Common causes include infection, placental site subinvolution, and retained products of conception, as well as underlying coagulopathy. The relationship between the onset of hemorrhage and the time of delivery is critical in establishing the diagnosis. Bleeding prior to delivery of the placenta often indicates a genital tract laceration, a coagulopathy, or a partial separation of the placenta. When bleeding begins after the placenta is delivered, uterine atony, uterine inversion, retained fragments of the placenta, or placenta accreta may be responsible. The placenta should be inspected to ensure that torn vessels are not present, which might indicate the presence of an accessory lobe; that appropriate contour is observed; and that portions are not missing (suggesting placenta accreta). Uterine atony requires fundal massage and the administration of ecbolic drugs (see next). Lacerations should be sutured in a manner that allows closure of the wound and compression of the underlying vessels. Hematomas below the pelvic diaphragm usually are accompanied by severe pain and a palpable mass. Sudden onset of shock without significant apparent blood loss suggests that the bleeding point is above the pelvic diaphragm. A coagulopathy is suggested by the presence of bleeding from remote locations such as intravenous insertion sites. If a firm clot forms within 5 minutes, it is unlikely that clinically significant hypofibrinogenemia is present. General Measures-Postpartum hemorrhage represents a special cause of hemorrhagic (hypovolemic) shock. Initial resuscitation should be with balanced salt solutions, although blood replacement will be required early if hemorrhage cannot be arrested. In the event of severe hemorrhage, replacement of clotting factors also may be needed via the use of fresh-frozen plasma. Fresh-frozen plasma should be given only if laboratory testing shows that the patient has developed a coagulopathy. Arterial blood gas and hemoglobin determinations should be performed regularly during resuscitation and after control of bleeding. Pulmonary artery catheters are seldom required, although a central venous catheter may be helpful in actively bleeding patients who require ongoing resuscitation and transfusion. Ecbolic Agents-Hemorrhage from uterine atony should be managed with fundal massage plus an intravenous infusion of oxytocin (10­40 units/L of normal saline). If oxytocin does not arrest the hemorrhage, treatment with either methylergonovine (0. Methylergonovine may be associated with an increase in maternal blood pressure and should not be used in the patient with hypertension. Prostaglandin agents may provoke bronchospasm and should be not be used in patients with significant asthma. Surgery-When postpartum hemorrhage cannot be controlled by massage and ecbolic agents, emergent surgery usually is required. Occasionally, however, a previously stable patient will require exploration for hemorrhage after it has been controlled. Common surgical procedures include evacuation of hematomas caused by lacerations (combined with suturing of the injury and control of the bleeding vessel), ligation of pelvic arterial vessels, packing, and hysterectomy. Recent reviews of cesarean hysterectomy reveal that the average blood loss for this procedure when done emergently was 3000 mL, and the most common antecedent complications were uterine rupture, placenta accreta and uterine atony. Angiographic Embolization-When bleeding continues from an identifiable localized area, embolization via a radiographically placed catheter may be extremely helpful. Some authors have described the placement of embolization catheters prophylactically in patients at highest risk of postpartum hemorrhage.

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The presence of peritoneal signs and systemic toxicity requires immediate operative treatment to remove devitalized tissue blood pressure vs blood sugar buy valsartan american express. Mesenteric angiography can be performed early in hemodynamically stable patients suspected of having the disease with a sole complaint of abdominal pain arteria yugular discount valsartan 80mg without a prescription. When an embolus is present blood pressure negative feedback loop buy valsartan 160mg on line, early truncation of the superior mesenteric artery is observed. With acute thrombosis, complete obliteration of the trunk of the artery is common. The findings of nonocclusive ischemia are (1) tapered narrowing of the origins of multiple branches of the superior mesenteric artery, (2) segmental irregularities of the intestinal branches, (3) spasm of the arcades, and (4) impaired filling of the intramural branches. Findings consistent with mesenteric venous thrombosis include (1) demonstration of a thrombus in the superior mesenteric vein with partial or complete occlusion, (2) failure to visualize the superior mesenteric vein or portal vein, (3) slow or absent filling of the mesenteric veins, (4) arterial spasm, (5) failure of the arterial arcades to empty, (6) reflux of contrast material into the artery, and (7) a prolonged blush phase. Scintiangiography with 99mTc sulfur colloid­labeled leukocytes has been described but is too unreliable for general use. Peritoneal signs are often absent on physical examination despite the complaint of sharp excruciating pain-thus the sine qua non of "pain out of proportion. Nausea and vomiting- seen in 50% of patients-hematochezia, hematemesis, abdominal distention, back pain, and shock are late signs that usually accompany progression of intestinal necrosis. The duration of symptoms, however, does not correlate with the reversibility of injury. A history of weight loss and an acute exacerbation of chronic abdominal pain are suggestive of acute thrombosis owing to underlying chronic occlusive disease. Mesenteric venous thrombosis also presents with pain as the initial finding, but only two-thirds of patients manifest clear signs of peritonitis. Occult blood is often present, although frank hematochezia or hematemesis is found in 15% of patients, usually from bleeding esophageal varices. The most common findings are abdominal pain (90%), vomiting (77%), nausea (54%), diarrhea (36%), and constipation (14%). Hemorrhage resulting from gastric varices owing to isolated splenic vein thrombosis is termed sinistral portal hypertension. Mesenteric inflammatory veno-occlusive disease results in unexplained acute mesenteric ischemia. Diagnosis is based on the presence of venulitis or phlebitis with a lymphocytic, necrotizing, granulomatous mural infiltrate on pathologic specimen examination. Gastroesophageal varices-once thought to be a contraindication to this practice-were seen to resolve with successful venous clot lysis. In arterial thrombosis, lytic therapy should be instituted only in the most stable patients because of the time required for clot lysis. When patients are treated without operation, repeat angiography at 6­8-hour intervals is required to monitor the progress of therapy. Surgical management is aimed at restoration of flow and resection of nonviable bowel. Assessment of intestinal viability is often difficult, and adjuncts such as Doppler flow probes and tissue fluorescence are often used, although no method is always reliable in separating viable from ischemic bowel. A wide resection is usually undertaken as long as more than 6 feet of normal bowel remains. Sixty percent of recurrent infarcts occur in the area adjacent to the anastomosis. If the majority of the intestine is compromised, resection is more conservative, and "second look" procedure to determine the viability of unresected bowel commonly is performed within 12­24 hours of the initial procedure. Nonocclusive ischemia is best managed through treatment of the underlying disorder causing the low-flow state. An alternative to digoxin should be sought, especially in patients with portal hypertension. Digitalis derivatives promote mesenteric vasoconstriction in patients with hepatic congestion from congestive heart failure.

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