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By: Y. Ernesto, M.A., M.D.

Clinical Director, Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine

He works with very smart people who come over from other countries whose schools are very competitive and academic heavy anxiety symptoms zinc purchase sinequan with american express. However anxiety uk generic 25 mg sinequan with mastercard, they often lack the creativity and ingenuity which is found in their American counterparts anxiety zone symptoms generic sinequan 75 mg otc. I think more opportunities for low-cost, on-site "before and after school care" should be considered to help working parents. The list goes on and on, yet few teenagers have a solid background to step out on their own and tackle these things. Our children can learn to read with appropriate scientific research based instruction. With Dyslexic children being 80% of of the population in resource and special education, I feel this should be a higher priority in public education. Freya Thoreson (Supporting All Students) Parent/Guardian Our schools are not serving kids with dyslexia. My son is being taught Special education by a teacher with no teaching qualifications (long term emergency sub) using reading programs not designed for dyslexic students in a school that barely recognizes the existence of dyslexia. Cina Littlebird (Challenging Academic Standards and Academic Assessments) the Report Cards should include: -data on discipline incidents disaggregated by ethnicity; and Student Advocate -the number of teachers trained in teaching/implementing the Since Time Immemorial curriculum. Supporting an expansive approach is the only way to truly achieve the cross-cultural competency and understanding that the bill intended. It is destructive to the learning environment and especially to students of color. There are better ways than standardized testing to improve education for students of color. These fully public schools have a waiver from state tests and instead use performance-based assessments. Students work with a faculty mentor to develop an idea, conduct research, and then defend a body of work to a panel of experts-including school administration, other teachers, and outside experts and practitioners in the field of study. Standardized testing was invented by white supremacists and maintains institutional racism today. There are better ways than standardized testing to measure whether we are meeting standards. Strikingly absent from your measures are school climate survey data, suspension and expulsion rates, disproportionality in school discipline among students of color, social emotional learning standards. How about measuring whether schools offer antiracist curriculum, ethnic studies programs, wrap around services to support the academic and social and emotional development of students, programs to recruit teachers of color, restorative justice programs that eliminate zero tolerance discipline practices This is the work we must find a way to incentivize and support if we want to close the opportunity and achievement gaps. School climate survey data is essential if you actually care whether or not we are improving in this area. Measuring suspension and expulsion rates, including disproportionality in school discipline among students of color is another key way to assess whether we are treating all student fairly and offering equitable opportunities. Supporting schools to offer antiracist curriculum, ethnic studies programs, wrap around services to support the academic and social and emotional development of students, programs to recruit teachers of color, restorative justice programs that eliminate zero tolerance discipline practices- this is the work we must find a way to incentivize and support if we want to close the opportunity and achievement gaps. Our current state Dyslexia law seems to have no funding or training requirements for teachers behind it. I personally watch my 17 year old son finally read at a 5th grade level, knowing that he is the 3rd generation in my family, of Washington State residents, to face the same struggle. How many kids graduate high school reading below grade level, when again, research says that only 1% of students with reading challenges will not be able to learn to read I sincerly hope that our state will step up to the plate and do the right thing by ensuring that all Washington kids can read at grade level. Community Member (Supporting All Students) Services need to focus on early education, prevention, and support for young learners. Funding supports the recruitment and preparation of a diverse group of high school students for future careers as educators. However, the report does not state what happens when a teacher is rated "Unsatisfactory" in this or any following section.

They m a rk e t the w ork in large quantities anxiety symptoms wikipedia order sinequan overnight delivery, as with b o o k s a n d records anxiety symptoms hot flashes sinequan 25mg with visa, o r th ro u g h a m ech an ical system anxiety symptoms high blood pressure discount sinequan express, as with rad io a n d television, so th a t th e y could not, if they tried, know a u d ie n c e m e m b e rs personally. They th u s do not h a v e the im m e d ia the c o m m u n ic a tio n with an a u d ie n c e th a t c h a r acterizes p a tro n a g e a n d the gallery-dealer a rra n g e m e n t. Not know ing w ho the a u d ie n c e is, artists necessarily m ak e w ork with o u t know ing w h o will c o n su m e it u n d e r w h at cir c u m s ta n c e s a n d with w h a t results. As Charles N ew m an re m ark ed, `No serious fiction w riter in A m erica today c a n tell you w h o he is w riting fo r " (N ew m an, 1973, p. N either can a n y o th e r w rite r for a m ass m a rk et, o r any m a k e r of films. He m a y have an a u d ien c e in m ind, but he does not know if the o n e he has in m in d is the one th a t will read or see the work. R ath er, artists (and the distrib u to rs w ho h a n d le their work) c o n s tru c t a n im ag in ary a u d ie n c e out o f fra g m e n ts of in fo r m a tio n they a sse m b le by v arious m eans. R e tailers m a y re p o rt th a t in fo rm atio n to a salesm an, w h o calls on th e m periodically a n d w h o in tu r n re p o rts it to his s u p e rior, w h o re p o rts it to the people in ch arg e of pro d u ctio n, wffio m a y then p ass on som e version o f it to the artist w h o p ro d u c e d the w ork. It is unlikely th a t the in fo rm atio n passed along th a t long chain is a c c u ra the o r u sab le w h e n it finally re a c h e s the artist. Most of the cost o f developing ideas is b o rn e by artists w h o h o p e the in d u stry will take th e m u p a n d d istrib u the th e m. As H irsch points out, "cultural organizations ideally m axim ize profits by m o bilizing p ro m o tio n a l re so u rc e s in s u p p o rt of volum e sales for a sm all n u m b e r of item s" (H irsch, 1972, pp. They p ro m o the item s by selective advertising a n d o th e r p r o m o tional devices, a n d note the effect o f these m e a s u re s on sales. As th a t in fo rm a tio n c o m e s in, they d ro p so m e of the d istrib u the d item s from the actively p ro m o the d list, effectively killing their c h a n c e s of success. W here so m a n y item s are available, those th a t do n o t receive som e special a tte n tio n do n o t get k n o w n well e n o u g h to reach those w h o m ig h t w an t them. B ecause they do not co n n ect with an a u d ie n c e directly, a r t ists w h o se w o rk is d istrib u ted th ro u g h the cu ltu re industries co m e to d e p e n d on a n d are responsive to the im m e d ia the feed b ack a n d ju d g m e n t of their professional p e e r groups, on the one han d, a n d of the people w ho m a n a g e the distribution sy stem on the other. The system affects the a rt w ork th ro u g h the interaction b etw ee n the m a n a g e rs of the cu ltu re industries a n d the a r t ists. W riters learn to think a n d plan in the lengths th a t are com m ercially suitable. The serialized form in w hich novels a p p e a re d, a n d 127 D I S T R I B U T I N G A R T W O R K S th e possibility th a t the scries m ight be cut off abruptly, led novelists to avoid s p e n d in g m u c h tim e planning a novel that m ig h t n e v er be finished, or setting up elab o ra the effects in early c h a p the rs that could not be fully realized until m u c h later in the book. Instead, a u th o rs used the p ic a re sq u e form, as in P ickw ick Papers, w hich they could stop at any tim e with no great loss to the continuity. When a novelist, however, b e c a m e well e n o u g h kno w n to the public th a t a p re tty good sale w as a ssu re d ju st by his n a m e, he could drive a h a rd e r b a rg a in with the publisher, including the d e m a n d for a g u a ra n the e th a t the en tire w o rk w ould be p u b lish ed no m a tte r w h at the early sales were. Thus, as Dickens b e c a m e b etter know n, he began to e x p e rim e n t with m o re tightly plotted novels like Bleak H ouse. While Vanity Fair began as a series of sketches, and w as paid for m o n th by m o n th, the c o n tra c t for H enry E s m o n d n o t only allow ed the a u th o r to take a m o re c o m p r e hensive view, it insisted on it. T h a ck e ra y w as paid in th re e install m ents, the first for signing the co ntract, the seco n d for c o m pleting the m a n u sc rip t, a n d the th ird on publication. The delay o f the seco n d p a y m e n t until the m a n u s c rip t w as d o n e m e a n t th a t T h a c k e ra y could w rite w h at the c o n tra c t also stip u la the d (a n d S u th e rla n d notes that this w as u n u s u a l in c o n tra c ts o f the time), a " c o n tin u o u s " narrative. H e c o n clu d e s that G eorge Sm ith, the publisher, "deserves so m e credit for the glories of E s m o n d " (S u th erlan d, 1976, p. C o m p arin g the w ork of a rt p h o to g ra p h e rs to th a t o f p h o to jo u rn a lis ts a n d fashion p h o to g rap h ers, she d e m o n s tra the s th a t in the latter two cases the c o n the n t of the p h o to g ra p h is d e the rm in e d by the c h an n e ls th ro u g h w hich it moves. N ew s p h o to g ra p h s reflect the ty p i cal choices o f ed ito rs in their c o n the n t a n d im agery, a n d the m e c h a n is m of n e w s p a p e r re p ro d u c tio n in the technical d e tails of h o w they are shot a n d printed, while fashion p h o to g ra p h s s u b o rd in a the everything to the im m ediately ex p ressed desires a n d criticism s of the client, w ho is often p re se n t while the p ictu res are being m ad. In contrast, art p h o to g ra p h e rs deal with a m u c h looser system, w hich a cc ep ts a w id e r v a r iety of possible w orks, a n d c o n the m p o ra ry a rt p h o to g ra p h y in fact co n tain s a g re ate r variety of styles a n d su b je c t m atters. The re q u ire m e n ts o f cu ltu re-in d u stry d istrib u tio n system s p ro d u c e m o re or less sta n d a rd iz e d p ro d u cts, the s ta n d a r d i zation resulting fro m w h a t th e system finds co n v en ie n t to h a n d le ra th e r th a n from any in d e p e n d e n t choice m a d e by the m a k e r of a n a rt work. The s ta n d a rd fe atu res of the w orks so p ro d u c e d m a y b e c o m e a kind of aesthetic criterion people use in assessing w orks, so th a t a w ork w hich does not exhibit th e m seem s c ru d e o r a m ate u rish. N etw ork television p r o 129 D I S T R I B U T I N G A H T W O R K S g ra m s have a technical polish w hich b e co m e s the s ta n d a rd for ju d g in g in d e p e n d e n t television work, even th o u g h the polish p ro d u c e s c o n stra in ts w hich c ru d e r in d e p e n d e n t w ork w a n ts to fight clear of.

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They want assessment only in their native language for new arrivals only anxiety symptoms perimenopause order sinequan 10mg otc, unless in dual language School Report Card: (These are items they want added) 1 anxiety symptoms in head discount sinequan 75mg otc. School Report card should be printed & available always in schools Recommendations: 1 anxiety girl order sinequan 75 mg otc. Interpreters need to understand Special Education terms and procedures; they want advocates provided for them 2. Options to discuss: x 20/23 x 23/23 On Building Leadership teams they want half of the team to be parents, and they want the parents to represent the student body. They want all Building Leadership Team positions to be posted on the school report. They would like the School Report Card explained to them and then translated and printed. Individual Student Growth: Group did want to use the Normative (growth measured against the grade level standard) #A 1. Would like survey to show how students feel: successful; sense of community responsibility (non-academic) 2. Add line for tracking the achievement of students receiving Educational Services (Education provided outside the school building) 1. Liliya: How are points going to be spread to measure progress within performance measures Skipping to another question: having different goals/outcomes for different grades Example: From K-2 language is its own subject, but by 3rd grade students use language to access the content. When you talk about accountability and growth you have to really think and be aware of how you are talking about it. Q: Academic indicators, how schools will be categorized Michelle: limitations of indicators makes it really hard to reflect who is served and how many are served because of the threshold for reporting Kristin: metrics not necessarily tied to the gains in skills according to grade level; i. Salud mental, autoestima (Praticas para estudiantes, talleres de arte para sonor). Mental health, autism (Student practices, homework in art to help teach) That public ed. As a single mother that I have the support necessary to work and have financial resources to support my children so that I can have time to dedicate to them, to educate/raise them and model values of (how to coexist by being within a group but also keeping ones values at the same time), for them to know their cultural roots and appreciate it and to take for nature and the planet. Que haya mas personal bilignues para una major comunicacion de padres de familia con los maestros. That there are more bilingual personnel mostly to assist the communication between parents and teachers. Una de mis prioridades es la comunicacion con los padres y el maestro especifacamente. Que se hagan mas reunions padres y maestro individualmente, para asi conocer mas amenudo el progreso de mi hijo. Que la escuela cree programas despues de escuela especficamente para la creatividad o algun programa que ayude al nino en una material que se le dificulte. Que nos den mas herraminetas y que nos hablen directament o mas claro de las materias que se les difulten ami hijo para asi trabajar en eso. One of my priorities is the communication between parents and teachers That parents and teachers meet individually, and often so they can get to know each other and track the progress of my (our) children. That we are given more tools, and that we are clearly and directly spoke too in reference to the materials that are children are needing to improve, so they can perform better in these areas. Proporciona un diferent tipo de evaluaciones para smarter balance, realizer evolvucione en espanol. Provide a different type of evaluation from smarter balance and provide evaluations in Spanish (especially for dual language schools) #F 1. Igualidad en educacion para estudiantes de bajos ingresos y menoria y estudinates bilingues.

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Such people welcome the insight of the artist in this context anxiety meme cheap sinequan express, lest we lose sight of humanity and beauty anxiety symptoms chest pain order sinequan online pills. It was one of the rare moments in the 1960s when one socially engaged international network surrounding computer generated art communicated with another one in a fruitful manner pain anxiety symptoms scale 20 purchase sinequan with a mastercard. The aforementioned symposium and exhibition in Zagreb were the concluding events of the ambitious tendencies 4 program that had begun in Zagreb a year earlier, in the summer of 1968, with an international colloquium and exhibition of computer generated graphics also titled Computers and Visual Research. The formal criteria applied in the selection of "digital" works for the exhibition were rigorous; flowcharts and computer programs of digital works were requested, and the artworks by pioneer Herbert Franke, created by means of analog computing, were not included but were presented in a parallel 1969 exhibition titled nt 4-recent examples of visual research, which showed analog artworks of previous New Tendencies styles. In connection with the tendencies 4 and tendencies 5 programs, nine issues of the bilingual magazine bit international were published from 1968 to 1972. The total number of edito rial pages published in the nine issues of bit international and the related tendencies 4 and tendencies 5 exhibition catalogues was over 1400. In 1973 the curators of the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Zagreb opened up the [New] Tendencies to conceptual art, partly due to a proposal by Jonathan Benthall 58 da r ko f r it z (Kelemen 1973). This combination made [New] Tendencies the unique example in art history that connected and presented those three forms and frameworks of art-concrete, computer, and conceptual-under the same roof. The developments of constructing digital images were out of focus for most of the conceptual art of that time, as its interest relies on nonobjective art. Radoslav Putar, director of the Gallery, used the term "data processing" to describe methods of conceptual art, though this possible link was not investigated further (Putar 1973). Frieder Nake (1973) identified a similarity between computer and conceptual art on the level of "separation of head and hand," and discussed that separation as a production structure following the logic of capitalism. Due to its popularization and growing importance, New Tendencies passed through numerous disagreements between the organizers and different factions, particularly the participants in the first phase of New Tendencies before 1965, which considered itself as a movement. At specific moments, organizations from Milan, Paris, or Zagreb would lead the actions, while different international committees performed different tasks formed over time. These activities demonstrate the energy surrounding digital arts in Zagreb and among the international partners and participants, as well as their agenda to contextualize the practice and theory of digital arts within mainstream contemporary art in the long run. A spinoff or extension of the [New] Tendencies network of digital arts was active in Jerusalem from 1972 until 1977. The leading figure was Vladimir Bonaci, a scientist turnedartist thanks to New Tendencies who created interactive computergenerated light objects in both gallery and public spaces. On the basis of an agreement between i n t e r n at i o n a l n e t w o r k s o f e a r ly d i g i ta l a r t s 59 the Ruer Boskovi Institute from Zagreb and the Israel Academy of Sciences, the Jerusalem Program in Art and Science, a research and training program for post graduate interdisciplinary studies in art and science, was founded, in 1973, at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, which Bonaci directed and where he taught computerbased art. For this program he established collaborations with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Israel Museum. In 1974 he organized an international Bat Sheva seminar, "The Interaction of Art and Science," in which several [New] Tendencies protagonists participated, among them Jonathan Benthall, Herbert W. In 1975, Willem Sandberg, a Dutch typographer and director of the Stedelijk Museum, received the Erasmus Prize in Amsterdam. From 1978 to 1979 the bcd cybernetic art team realized a socially engaged project titled Palestine Homeland Denied in the form of thirtyfive printed posters, which included the computergenerated alphabet and images of 385 destroyed Palestinian villages. Computer graphics of the 1970s explored possibilities for figurative visuals and-by delivering animations and special effects for the mainstream film industry-entered the commercial world as well as the military sector, advancing virtual reality techniques that simulated "real life. The misuse of science and technology in the Vietnam War was described by Richard Barbrook: M. In Zagreb the [New] Tendencies movement experienced difficulties: tendencies 6 started with fiveyearlong ongoing preparations by a working group that could not find a consensus on how to contextualize and support "computers and visual research" and finally organized only an international conference titled tendencies 6- Art and Society in 1978, which again confronted very few computer artists with a major ity of conceptual art practitioners. Instead, the New Art Practices exhibition-running in parallel with the last [New] Tendencies event, the "Art and Society" conference- presented the first regional (Yugoslav federation) institutional retrospective of conceptual art practices. While developing the exhibition concept for tendencies 6, the organizers from Zagreb actually sent more than 100 calls for works to video activists and communityengaged video collectives around the world, but there were no answers. The video activism of the 1970s also remains an underresearched phenomenon that is often skipped in the nar ratives of both media art and mainstream contemporary art history, yet provides con tents that bridge the gap between socially engaged art and technologies. Mediaoriented conceptual artists of the 1970s started to use mostly analog media such as typewritten text, video, photography, and Xerox, and only a few used digital technologies. It took about twenty years until digital arts returned to the contemporary art scene in the (late) 1980s, but this time infused with the experiences of both social engagement and conceptual art practices. This return after a long disconnect would lead to the creation of many new digital arts networks.

Hypercard was based on the metaphor of a Rolodex anxiety 5 see 4 feel purchase sinequan 25 mg on line, and allowed the user to link different virtual cards anxiety online test buy generic sinequan 10 mg on line. Despite the minimal onebit graphic capabilities of the Mac anxiety krizz kaliko 10 mg sinequan sale, there were some surprisingly sophisticated uses of Hypercard, such as the interactive environment/game Cosmic Osmo (1989). For theorists such as Landow, hypertext put into practice the kind of textual experiments that Derrida had been advocating and indeed practicing since the 1960s (Landow 1992). His texts Glas and the Post Card, in particular, seemed to prefigure the fragmentary nature of hypertext. We are inscribed in it in advance, promise of hazardous memory in the monstrous tocome, like the monumental, pyramidal, but so humble signature, so low, effaced, of Jacques Derrida, here below, now. As a number of writers have pointed out, the context that led to the emergence of cybernetics, the work of Bell Labs and similar organizations, the Internet, Apple Computers and the World Wide Web, was also that of the rise and triumph of neoliberalism. In 1992, in the context of the socalled "end of history," Derrida engaged with what he called the "specters of Marx" (Derrida 1993). It was in the context of this engagement that he named and defined the notion of "hauntology. Derrida points out that Marx, among other things, was the first thinker of technics as well as deeply concerned with the spectral and ghostly (Derrida 1993). It obliges more than ever to think the virtualization of space and time, the possibility of virtual events whose movement and speed prohibit us more than ever (more and otherwise than ever, for this is not absolutely and thoroughly new) from opposing presence to its representation, "realtime" to "deferred time," effectivity to its simulacrum, the living to the nonliving, in short, the living to the livingdead of its ghosts. We have suggested that the event we are prowling around here hesitates between the singular "who" of the ghost and the general "what" of the simulacrum. In the virtual space of all the teletechnosciences, in the general dislocation to which our time is destined- as are from now on the places of lovers families, nations-the messianic trembles on the edge of this event itself. This, along with the increasing capacity of the Web to handle images and graphics, led to it becoming the mediarich environment with which we are now familiar. It is on the Web where the bitmap images that are the descendants of the early experiments in computer imagery done at Bell Labs in the 1960s now circulate with spectral ease. Hillis Miller calls the new regime of telecommunications that breaks down "the inside/outside dichotomies that presided over the old print culture" (Miller 2000): this new regime involves the breakdown of traditional boundaries between inside and outside brought about by new communication technologies [. Given that I shall argue for the importance of James Joyce to these developments later in the chapter, it is perhaps worth noting that Knowlton gives his account the Joycean title of "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Scientist. Joseph Francis, a designer working for R/Greenberg Associates in Manhattan is believed to be the inventor of the photomosaic with his "Live from Bell Labs" posts, created in 1993. For Saussure, words in language do not have a positive relation with what they represent, but rather operate in a system of difference and custom. Thus the word "cat" comes to denote the domestic feline, not because it has any privileged relationship with the creature, but because it differs from similar words, "mat", "sat", etc. Specters of Marx: the State of the Debt, the Work of Mourning, & the New International. They were kept at bay by the various mechanisms of exclusion and institutional expertise that called for a controlled gallery environment to protect the art. Thankfully, the critique of these patterns of exclusion and stifling museumification is very well known. From performative works to Institutional Critique, artists were among the first to challenge the notion of collecting finite works as precious commodities. The open and participatory work of art made a point in countering this institutional framework. This dominant narrative, however, fails to reflect institutional changes over the last decade. So let me take the welltrodden path of Institutional Critique for granted and instead explore a more contemporary change: while participatory works were often meant to be a unique disruption and intervention into the museum setting, they did not go unnoticed. As it turns out, we can now look back at the first histories of participatory art within the museum, and can question what effect this history has had on the dichotomy of participation and museums. Responding to the rise of social media over the last decade, many museums have begun to reflect on their history as well as their own practice by readdressing participation in art. The question is, has the institution of the museum changed or has participatory art been tamed I will chart a few exemplary narratives that will allow us to trace changes in participatory artworks from within a collecting institution.

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